Minecraft is getting better mountains

The latest Minecraft snapshot is providing improved mountains

One of the peakier peaks in Minecraft Experimental Snapshot 5

They did it to rivers in Experimental Snapshot 4, and now it’s time for mountains to get some love for Minecraft‘s big terrain generation overhaul. The latest beta version has arrived, and Experimental Snapshot 5 makes some more notable tweaks to make mountains more visually distinct and turn swamps a bit more realistic.

Mountains now get more distinct peaks, as players have gotten used to seeing in the Bedrock beta. Mountain and peak biomes are now a little larger on average, and peaks tend to be slightly taller than they were in the previous snapshot, addressing an unintentional issue from the last version.

Swamps are more likely to spawn inland in this snapshot, so you won’t see them spilling murky water into the oceans quite so often. Rivers now integrate more naturally with swamps, and you’ll also see trees spawning in slightly deeper water, making swamps look a bit less sparse overall. This is, again, an ‘experimental’ snapshot – which means that these changes may look very different by the time they hit the full game at the 1.18 release date.

For now, these versions offer an early look at what the devs are hoping to accomplish, and you can get full details on what’s new on the official site.

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