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Far Lands or Bust: One man and his wolf walk across Minecraft for charity


If you like the idea of sponsored walks, charity marathons and other sweaty fundraisers, but you’re not so inclined to put in all leg-work required, then here’s an example for you to follow. Last November, Minecraft fan Kurt decided he would raise money by walking across the game world. Notch has estimated that it would take over 800 hours of walking to reach the edge of a Minecraft world. This loon has decided to rise to the challenge.

We can’t fault him, as it’s all in a good cause and has been a great success, both in the money raised and the distance travelled. Following a fund-raising weekend, Far Lands or Bust has raised over $70,000 for Child’s Play and Kurt has covered over 699,492 blocks of distance. With each block a meter that works out as just under 700km, which is a hell of a feat of endurance even if you’re sat at a PC.

Kurt’s documented his journey via YouTube and you can watch his journey on his channel and also track him on his Far Lands map. With no cheats and no mods, he’s had to build his own boats, bed down in improvised caves, fight off waves of deadly creepers and even suffer the mysterious and rather moving loss of his companion, Wolfie the wolf.

If you’d like to donate to Far Lands or Bust (and let’s face it, who wouldn’t?), you candonate on the main siteoreven buy a t-shirtin memory of poor Wolfie.