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First of three Minecraft collector’s handbooks to be shelved (in a good way) next month


I don’t know if you’ve ever tried Minecraft’s Xbox 360 version, but it’s very good. Faithful, but for a few notable tweaks. One of the most major of which is a backwards crafting system – one that prompts you to build gear based on what’s in your inventory, rather than waiting for you to happen upon a recipe or (more likely) retreat to a wiki.

Thankfully, us lot on PC now have a new way to see to that last point and sate our thirst for collector’s guff at the same time. Book publishers Egmont have put together three hardback handbooks designed to sit open at our mousehands while punching trees and whatnot.

The Official Beginner’s Handbook is due for release on October 10, and covers all this:

It’ll be followed by a Redstone Handbook in December, and a Combat Handbook in February. All are available to pre-order from Amazon for a quite-reasonable sub-$10 fee.

I know I could do with swotting up on my Redstone functionality, but like to think I’m perfectly capable of hopping back and forward in a fashion that probably constitutes combat in Minecraft. How about you?

Thanks, VG247.