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This is the future: Denmark, in its entirety, has been trapped in Minecraft

Denmark in Minecraft

Fancy visiting Denmark? A flight from London to Copenhagen is only around £30 one-way if you want to go in June. Unfortunately, that doesn’t include accommodation, food or transport besides the flight. It would probably all add up to an amount you wouldn’t really want to spend unless you had to. 

Besides, you could just visit Denmark in Minecraft instead. That’s less than £20 if you don’t already have the game, and you’ll be able to stay until October. The entirety of Denmark has been recreated in 1:1 scale and includes appropriate buildings, road networks and geography. It’s a bit mad. 

Simon Kokkendorf and Thorbjørn Nielsen from the Geodatastyrelsen, the Danish GeoData Agency, created the replica of their country to show what can be done with publicly available data. The agency hopes that it will not just be a demonstration, but also an educational tool.

It spans three creative servers, somewhere 4000 billion blocks and is 1TB in size. The model can be downloaded in 10 x 10km chunks, but the Geodatastyrelsen will also keep the servers running until the end of October 23rd.

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