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Minecraft fan recreates Ghostbusters theme, makes us feel good

Minecraft players can do an awful lot with tools like Redstone, even recreating classic songs. We ain't afraid of the Minecraft Ghostbusters theme song

Minecraft and Ghostbusters come together. This image is Slimer in front of a spooky Minecraft forest.

Minecraft players love a good recreation. Sometimes it’s a place, like a recreation of the Stranger Things house, and sometimes it’s far more complex, like the people recreating Elden Ring in the sandbox game. This time around it’s a Minecraft Ghostbusters recreation, except it’s more of a musical one.

Raevix on Reddit posted a video asking a simple question, “Who You Gonna Call?” We all know the answer to that – nobody, texting is easier. Kidding, it’s obviously a reference to Ghostbusters, and Raevix shows off an incredibly complex and impressive music machine made from Redstone that plays the movie’s classic theme tune.

3k Notes, 2:40 minutes of music, One heaping pile of redstone spaghetti. Who You Gonna Call? from Minecraft

The whole thing is a testament to not only the sheer brilliance of both the song and Redstone, but also the absurd level of patience Raevix must possess. The intricacy alone is enough to have most of us sobbing in the corner, but to stick with it and test it an unknowable number of times to get this right must have been agonising.

As Raevix explains in a post, the nearly 3,000 notes required for this would be far too many for a linear circuit, so they had to get creative. “It occurred to me there’s enough repetition in the song that I might be able to save space by breaking the song down into loops and creating a logic circuit that progressively activates and deactivates loops to create the entire song.”

While this version of it was built in creative, they now want to go into survival mode and make it again. You can even download the world file to see it in action for yourself. You might not need to, of course, since you’ve got it permanently in your head now, right?

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