Minecraft Halloween celebration wants you to build things IRL

Minecraft Halloween events are usually player-run in the sandbox game, but this year Mojang wants you to build something creepy in the real world

Minecraft Halloween event is here. This image shows some monsters chasing a Minecraft player.

This year’s Minecraft Halloween celebration seems to be focused on players going outside and touching grass, but also engaging in some DIY in the process. Sure, we’re all used to building things in the sandbox game itself, but you’re going to have to use your real-life hands if you want to make the most of things in 2022.

We actually think that Minecraft is a relatively creepy game anyway. There are a lot of Minecraft mobs that are unsettling in various ways, whether that’s the abject horror of the hissing Creepers, or just the pure psychological harm of accidentally stumbling upon an Enderman. So, having a touch of horror in Minecraft is par for the course at this point.

That could well be the reason why this year, at least so far, Mojang is tasking players with creating real-life displays instead of just in-game ones. Nearly every player can put a couple of bits of wood together to create something in Minecraft, but doing that in real life is a completely different ball game.

It’s all part of the Community Crafting Bench, which is a new Minecraft series that has players using their hands and whatever they can find to recreate the joy of Minecraft in their own lives. It gets better though, because Spookyfest is back this year, and it has a bunch of printable things to create and a few Minecraft Marketplace recommendations. Look, there has to be content to enjoy in the game too.

If you’re not in the mood for building anything yourself, why not just gawk at the glory of the best Minecraft builds instead? You can also take some of the fear out of your world by using some of the Minecraft console commands and cheats.