Here’s a Minecraft server running on a Raspberry Pi which is sat inside a custom Lego case


Minecraft players just can’t help but tinker, can they? But just how well does a server run on a credit card-sized machine that has only 256Mb of memory?

Not so bad, it turns out, but with some caveats.

“The map is a copy of one we have been playing for a while,” explains redditor abrightmoore, “so the Pi
doesn’t have to try to render new areas. Otherwise, terrain generation
takes a long, slow, time. I also have the server view distance set down
to 4 in”

At the moment, the server handles a grand total of two players, and it requires a bit of overclocking to do so. To help things run smoothly, all mobs were originally turned off, but after trying a new CraftBukkit build, it looks like the server can now handle them.

What does Minecraft look like on a Raspberry Pi? Much like Minecraft anywhere else, really.

You can see more pictures of the server case being custom-built right here on imgur, and watch how it turned from a 16×16 Lego base into this, it’s final form.