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Hexxit is a D&D inspired Minecraft mega-mod from the makers of Technic


Minecraft is many things to many people, and it can’t expand on all fronts at once. So while Mojang busy themselves with nags and APIs, the outfit responsible for endlessly popular mod collection Technic have put together another version of the game. If you like your nights dark and full of terrors, you’ll probably want to play Hexxit.

Hexxit isn’t an entirely new game, but a curated collection of mods that turns Minecraft into a platform for “adventure above all else”. Inspired by early Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, the collection promises to make exploration more interesting and dungeons more satisfying to clear.

If the po-faced poetry on the Technic site is anything to steer by, it’ll make Minecraft the earnest RPG it’s always threatened to be.

“Gear up and set forth on a campaign worthy of legend, for Hexxit has been unearthed!,” reads the blurb. “Dark dungeons, towering spires, weathered ruins and musty tomes lay before you. Lay claim to riches or create your own artifacts, tame beasts and carve out your own story in endless wonder.”

Hexxit is designed for both solo and co-op play, and can be played now via the Technic launcher. The mod list employs a host of inventory, item and environment tweaks, and Technic are already encouraging players to donate directly.

It reads like promising stuff. Do you think you’ll try it?

Thanks, @DigitalXentric