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You can now do parkour in Minecraft with honey

Mine's Edge? Prince of Craft? Mine-tanfall?


Minecraft’s progression over the past few updates has mostly made sense. We got bees in Minecraft, then we got honey. Naturally, the next step was honey blocks. Then, of course, honey blocks make parkour. Yeah, that last bit might seem like a bit of a stretch, but players have found that honey’s sticky benefits can turn you into a veritable Prince of Persia.

The Minecraft honey block hit the game in last week’s snapshot update, craftable by bringing together four honey bottles. The blocks, then, can be used for construction. You can stick to honey walls even in midair, and you keep your momentum after getting sticky – so players have already started building parkour courses with the new mechanics, as Kotaku notes.

Players have been doing ad hoc parkour for ages using Minecraft’s ladders, but it looks like the physics of honey will give us much more fun, nuanced movement mechanics. You can even cover up the honey blocks with wall tiles for better aesthetics, though you will perhaps spend more time than you like listening to that gross squelching sound.

The possibilities range from the simple…

Possibilities of parkour with the Honey Block from r/Minecraft

…to the expansive.

Made a small parkour course with the new honey mechanics from r/Minecraft

I, for one, look forward to a full recreation of the Titanfall 2 campaign in Minecraft.

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