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The latest Minecraft update is small, while even more is teased for 1.4


Yes, we know we updated our dossier on Minecraft 1.4 just a few days ago, but further information has come to light and there’s going to be even more content in the next update. Here’s the latest gossip from around the block(s).

As well as the previously teased Night Vision potion, it looks like there’s now an invisibility potion too, hence the legless suit of armour. For the commanding shepherds among us, a new narrower cobblestone wall is perfect for sheep pens, and if you enjoy decorating then you can look forward to frames in which items can be mounted (giving some special powers) and an awful lot of pot plants. That’s right, pot plants.

Oh, and 1.3.2 is now out, fixing a few minor bugs, including the one that could see Nether visitors sometimes falling right out of the world. Nobody needs that now, do they? You can gawp at the latest 1.4 pictures here.