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Someone finally turned Minecraft into a LEGO game

A new Minecraft LEGO mod transforms the popular building game into the popular building toy.

A new Minecraft mod finally transforms the game into what it’s always been, really: a LEGO game. This new Minecraft LEGO mod is a full texture pack that turns the popular building game into the popular building toy – and it’s still being improved upon.

The MineBricks texture pack for Minecraft (thanks, PC Gamer) by Macio6 Productions released its first version at the beginning of this year and is now at version 5. Aside from just general improvements, the current release adds posters that look like stickers for that proper miniature LEGO effect.

The LEGO mod is recommended for use with the awesome SEUS shader that adds wonderful ray tracing, and you’ll need the Optifine mod too to add HD texture packs more easily. Once installed the difference is startling, as it really does transform every single Minecraft block into a chunky plastic-looking LEGO brick – complete with those little circular knobs on the top, although Macio6 has cleverly branded them “mine” rather than “LEGO” for obvious copyright reasons.

It’s not the first brush LEGO has had with Minecraft – heck, LEGO has even tried to make its own Minecraft – but it’s one of the coolest attempts to turn Minecraft into a full LEGO game, not to mention just being a gorgeous texture pack in its own right. It’s really quite spectacular, and you can check out the latest version in the video below.

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Minebricks download

To get the Minebricks mod for Minecraft head over to the download page here and select the version you want, presumably MineBricks v5. If you don’t want to pay anything put ‘0’ in the price box and that’ll get you the 128x and 256x resource pack resolution for free, anything higher will cost $2-5 to unlock. Bear in mind that MineBricks will only work for the Java Edition, not for the Windows 10 version.

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