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How to get a Heavy Core and make a Minecraft Mace

The Minecraft Mace is the first weapon to be added in five years, but you can only craft the powerful device with a rare Heavy Core.

The Minecraft mace on a backdrop of a trial chamber, the only place where its crafting ingredients can be obtained.

How do you craft a Minecraft Mace? Minecraft is a game with so many aspects – there’s crafting, building, exploration, combat, and more. For most, an infinite survival world combining all of these aspects is the best way to play, so you need the strongest weapons and tools to get by.

The Minecraft Mace was added in 2024 as part of the Tricky Trials 1.21 update, and was the first weapon to be added in five years after the crossbow. However, the mace is a unique Minecraft weapon as it features a special damaging mechanic, and it can only be made with rare items, including the Heavy Core. As a reward for your hard work in finding these ingredients and crafting the mace in the survival game, it wields incredible power and can even defeat the Minecraft Warden. Here’s how you can get one yourself.

The crafting recipe for the Minecraft mace, showing a heavy core in the slot above a breeze rod.

How to craft the Minecraft Mace

To craft a mace in Minecraft, you need two items: a breeze rod and a heavy core. Place the two items in any crafting grid, with the heavy core above the breeze rod, as per the image above.

While this is a small crafting recipe, these are two of the rarest items in Minecraft, so it takes some time before you can get hold of them — and don’t want to lose your mace once you have it.

On the plus side, as the mace is made with only two ingredients, it can be crafted in your personal crafting grid without the need for a crafting bench.

How to get a Heavy Core in Minecraft

The Heavy Core can only be obtained in Minecraft Trial Chambers, and, even then, it’s not easy. Heavy Cores only drop from Ominous Vaults, which themselves can only be unlocked with Ominous keys, the hardest vault key to get.

To earn an Ominous Key, you must first complete an Ominous Trial, a harder difficult trial to the standard Minecraft trial. Not only is this more difficult in itself, it’s also not that easy to trigger. First, you must obtain an Ominous bottle to give yourself the Bad Omen effect, then enter the Minecraft trial chamber with the Bad Omen effect in place to trigger the Ominous trial.

You can also still get the Bad Omen effect from killing a Pillager Captain, but the likelihood of seeing one near enough to the trail chamber to get there before the effect wears off is slim. You’re better of grabbing an Ominous bottle from completing a normal trial.

A player holds a Minecraft mace while standing high up in a structure in an Ancient City, ready to drop off the ledge.

Using the Minecraft Mace

This heavy weapon deals a considerable amount of damage when used while falling, similar to standard critical attacks. Unlike critical hits, though, the mace deals more damage the further you fall, but this obviously carries a risk for the user.

As a standard weapon, the mace deals less damage than a diamond axe, so it’s not a weapon to take out on regular jaunts. Instead, it should be saved for particularly challenging Minecraft mobs, such as the Ender Dragon or, specifically, the Minecraft Warden.

This is the first and only weapon that gives Minecraft players a realistic chance of killing the terrifying underground mob. This makes sense given its mechanics, since the Warden lives and spawns in Ancient Cities, which are vast, open structures with many tall towers built in. One of the easiest ways to kill a Warden is to climb one of these towers and wait for the perfect opportunity to launch an attack.

You can tell you’ve made a successful hit with the mace when you hear an explosion along with particles. If there are other mobs nearby, they are kicked back and soar through the air. Miss your hit, though, and you could find yourself in a less-than-impressive death scene thanks to fall damage.

Now you know how to craft and use the Minecraft Mace, we wish you all the luck in the world timing those drops and killing the almost unkillable Warden. To be safe, though, you might want to consider kitting yourself out with Minecraft enchantments and Minecraft potions to help with that fall damage if things go wrong.