Minecraft mod lets you relive classic Harry Potter games

Minecraft is already magic so it's no surprise that players keep adding in new ways to make that far more literal thanks to clever plugins

A Minecraft Spellcraft wizard with their face replaced with the Prisoner magic class from Elden Ring

Minecraft and magic have come together a few times recently. The most notable of those magical mashups is Spellcraft, the free DLC that adds in over 20,000 different spells and some new ways to use them. However, the fan-made EpicSpellsPlugin is definitely worth keeping an eye on too.

We wrote about this plugin in May, which was impressive enough then, but development seems to have continued at an impressive pace since then. As Morica_ on Reddit explains in a post, they’ve added the ability to cast spells without using commands. You now just have to rename a stick “Magic Wand”, then sneak and draw symbols in the air.

The video shows off a few of the spells and the ability to bind them as you see fit to different movements. It all feels very esoteric, which is absolutely the vibe anything magical should be going for. Morica_ talks about a few other potential features for the plugin in various comments throughout the post, but there’s one that really stands out.

When asked about the chance to create custom spells, Morica_ responded with “Yes! Although this probably won’t happen within the next few months, I really want something like this. I also code the spells in a way that they work mostly with premade things.” In essence, because the spells use things already in the game, it makes them a little easier to customize. This could be the perfect way to live out Hogwarts Legacy without buying the game.

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