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Minecraft’s Mangrove Restoration Project map is all about activism

Minecraft's DLC maps are a great place to explore new concepts and gameplay types without having to worry about mods or special servers

Minecraft manrove restoration project: A Minecraft character paddles an orange kayak down a river lined with lush mangrove trees

Minecraft is a place where anything is possible. It’s one of the shining examples of what sandbox games are capable of because people use it to play in countless different ways. Some use it as a chance to recreate their favourite games, some like to mess around with the in-game systems to basically program new things in it, and some just like to build amazing things.

There are also a lot of cool downloadable maps, and one of the most fascinating of these has to be The Mangrove Restoration Project by Everbloom Games. Everbloom Games make a fair few maps, but this one has an environmentally friendly feel. The map tasks players with trying to fix the mangrove forests of the world by planting new trees.

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

You have to use a monitor to check on the CO2 levels as well, and the more you improve the climate of the world by planting more trees, the more wildlife returns to the area. The map also features a huge swathe of unique wildlife, some beautiful-looking kayaks, and a general focus on how we can positively affect our environment. While it’s not the same as actually getting out into the world and doing some good, it’s a nice way to teach younger players about how we can try and help the planet.

You can download the map, which is called Rooted Together, right here. It’s a big part of The Nature Conservancy partnership Mojang is involved in, which has them donating $200,000 to the cause, and will also see some charity streams coming later in the summer. It’s nice to see that this initiative is more than just a cool map to play with.

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