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Minecraft map trading card game being created by fan

Minecraft maps can produce a huge variety of different things in the sandbox building game, and this time around they're being used to create an in-game TCG

Minecraft map card game being created by fan: An anime character holds up a trading card inside the Minecraft map

The Minecraft map, at its surface, is a simple tool to help you find your way around. But we’re talking about perhaps the most imaginative, creative sandbox building game in the world here, so it’s no surprise that one member of the Minecraft communtiy has developed an innovative new use for the good old map, by turning it into an whole-new trading-card game.

With Minecraft, it’s pretty common for us to be talking about huge impressive structures like the best Minecraft builds, or Redstone oddities like this chicken mini-game. There’s so much to love and create in one of the best sandbox games, that the little things can sometimes be completely missed. Thankfully, Reddit can be good sometimes, and the Minecraft community has infinite creativity.

Minecraft Map card game. This image shows off some of the playing cards.

A Redditor called DerpyFoop shared some images of a game their friend has been making. Rather than using command blocks or something flashy like that, their friend has just been using the humble Minecraft map item to create little trading cards. Each one shows off a different Minecraft mob complete with its own stats and skills, kind of like a watered-down Pokemon TCG.

The Reddit post shows off that there are already a fair few cards ready to go, but the most exciting aspect for us is the idea that these could be printed off. In fact, one of the commentators on the post suggests a way to do it, and a full collection of Minecraft cards is something we’re surprised is yet to exist. After all, it seems like a very easy way to let players show off their favourite characters and creatures.

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