Minecraft maps and skins bring Halloween to the sandbox game

This Minecraft map and skins collection brings the Halloween season of scares to the open-world sandbox game and even adds in some Minecraft Dungeon skins

Minecraft maps and skins for halloween. This image shows some classic monsters in Minecraft's style.

This Minecraft maps and skins collection in the marketplace promises to bring a range of horrors and Halloween-themed things to the sandbox game. Minecraft is always somewhat unsettling anyway with Endermen and Creepers running around the place, but this collection puts a more traditional spin on things.

There are a lot of great Minecraft maps out there, and a lot of great Minecraft skins, but if you’re looking to get into the best season of them all, you’re going to need to add a bit more horror to the game. Thankfully, because Mojang has collated a bunch of cool Halloween things together in the Minecraft marketplace, you can go ahead and get started on it right now.

The full Halloween collection is very sizeable, showing a large breadth of the different skins and maps you can grab through the marketplace, and it’s fun looking through it for inspiration for your own creations, even if you don’t buy anything. The Minecraft website article also links to a few particularly well-made maps as well, just in case you prefer a bit of guidance.

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You can actually grab yourself the Cloaked Skull Armour set for free, but everything else in this collection costs actual money, so be prepared to spend a bit of cash if you want to fully embrace All Hallow’s Eve. Of course, you could always just look for the best Minecraft mods and find some that give you the adrenaline you’re seeking instead.

We also recommend taking a good hard look at the best Minecraft builds. You’re not in trouble or anything, we just think they’re really impressive. The best Minecraft seeds are also always worth checking out because starting a new world is always better when you know you’re starting off on the right foot.