This Minecraft Mario mod brings the Mushroom Kingdom to PC

This Minecraft Mario mod brings the classic troublesome enemies of the mustachioed plumber into the blocky world of Minecraft on PC

A Minecraft Mario mod image of Mario made out of Minecraft blocks

This Minecraft Mario mod changes the standard mob into enemies from the Mario series, and it’s not just limited to Nintendo consoles. There have actually been official Mario DLC packs, but they’ve always been restricted to just the Nintendo family of consoles, but that ends today.

RaineyX, a Minecraft YouTuber, decided that they wanted to make the mod having been inspired by the Mario kart mod we wrote about last month. They use software to mod the models, as explained on the official site, and then basically release them back into the wild, but you can see the whole process by watching their video on it. If you want to actually download the mod, they’ve got a link to their own Discord in the description and you can go there to find the mod itself.

Now, this mod doesn’t change the behaviours of any of the affected Minecraft mobs, but it’s still a nice visual effect. It’s a good showcase of how, if you’ve got the necessary skills, it’s not all that complicated to mess around with Minecraft as a game. That’s probably why there are so many incredible Minecraft mods. It is a shame that Nintendo doesn’t like PC gamers a little bit more, though, because proper DLC packs would be wonderful.

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You only have to look at the likes of the new Spellcraft DLC to see what’s possible with Minecraft. There’s so much potential because it’s such a blank canvas, and you just know that Nintendo could do more with it. It’s probably not going to happen anytime soon though.

If you’re less about modding and more about appreciating cool Minecraft builds, then maybe this Stranger Things recreation will tickle your visual fancy.