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Minecraft 1.6.2 pre-release update helps horses breathe easy again


Mojang have posted the pre-release for 1.6.2. The patch will aim at bugs discovered since 1.6.1 went live earlier this month. Thankfully for any equine-minded minecrafters, the big fix prevents Minecraft horses from suffocating when they touch walls. Yeah, that was a genuine bug. Poor hooved souls.

Alongside preventing masonry from deflating animal lungs, the patch will prevent animals from escaping their pens, improve sprinting, and make custom fonts appear more perfect. If you’re a person who has one of those computers with a popular fruit engraved on it, you’ll be pleased to know that by holding control and prodding your mouse, you’ll be able to enjoy what PC users know as the ‘right click effect’. Quite why you lot decided one mouse button was enough is beyond me.

Other fixes include repairing deceptive horses, who whilst being unarmoured very much appear to be wearing diamond armour. Baby zombies have had their speed reduced because they were simply moving far too fast. Delays to spinting kicking in have also been removed, so should you need to escape an attacking baby zombie, you should be able to do so with no issue whatsoever.

The 1.6.2 update kicks in on Monday 8th July, and as ever to put it in action you’ll need to use the new launcher. The full list of bug fixes can be seen at the Mojang blog.