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Minecraft lets you share modified mobs with Add-Ons in the Boss update

Minecraft Alien Invasion Add-On

The already insanely modifiable Minecraft is now getting a bunch of native tweaking support with Add-Ons, the ability to mess around with character and entity properties on the fly.

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Made especially for Minecraft Pocket and Windows 10 Edition, Add-Ons are simple text files you edit to change character and mob attributes which can then be saved to your Realms, allowing them to be shared with anyone else who visits the world they’re active in.

These tweaks range from run speed to the explosion size a mob makes upon death, so expect to see some Chickens of Mass Destruction in several game worlds.

These changes will be coming along with the Boss update on October 18, which lets you fight against massive monsters such as the Wither and the Elder Guardian.

Microsoft and Mojang have been working with some community creators like SethBling, BlockWorks and the Mindcrack crew to put together two Add-Ons which players can experiment with at launch. You’ll be able to download the Alien Invasion Add-On (pictured above as shown off at E3) as well as the Castle Siege Add-On, created by those community busybodies.

You can also use slash commands to quickly do stuff that needed mods to do before, such as spawning mobs or giving inventory items. In addition, VR controller support will be added to the Windows 10 edition for Oculus Touch and Xbox controllers when using Gear VR.

Keep an eye out for a bunch of other Minecraft news as Minecon rolls on throughout this weekend.