Minecraft and Magicka come together in fire, fury and horrible title conflation in mod Minegicka


Minerva, Georgina, Angelica… Minegicka might sound like an unfortunate girl’s name, but far more compellingly turns out to be the meeting of Minecraft and Magicka – the playfully and technically volatile action RPG from Paradox adoptees Arrowhead Games. Through the combination of ten magical elements, players can compose and cast more than 1000 possible spells.

I do wonder if that figure’s akin to Gearbox’s promises of a gazillion weapons for Borderlands, and whether the choice might in reality come down to fire-lightning or lightning-fire with your explosions.

Nevertheless, the ambition is commendable and I’m desperate to try it. Rather than having your powers handed to you through console commands, you’ll have to build your staff yourself and unlock elements by seeking out magic altars Skyrim-style in the wild.

The base elements include fire, water, earth, lightning, shield, cold and, er, arcane, and can be employed for haphazard rock-punting, mine-planting, and AOE shockwaves that send mobs flying.

The mod avoids messing with vanilla files by making use of Forge API, and is available for your violently-expressed delectation here.