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Minecraft beta update – dolphin sounds, updated textures, and bug squashes


Minecraft Bedrock Edition Update 1.2.20 is an upcoming patch to Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition. The patch is currently being rolled out to the Minecraft beta in stages, with being the latest version.

The following patch notes are still current, as Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition on PC has not recieved an update since 1.2.13

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How to Take Part in the Minecraft Beta

Windows 10 players can opt in and out of the beta from the Xbox Insider Hub App. However, while previewing the beta, you will not have access to realms or be able to join non-beta players.

It’s also worth noting that beta builds are likely to be unstable and finished releases may not include all the changes and fixes from the beta.

Make sure you backup your world before joining the beta.

How to Activate Experimental Gameplay

Some features from Minecraft’s upcoming Update Aquatic are being tested on the beta via experimental gameplay. However, these features are incomplete and are not representative of final gameplay.

Experimental gameplay can be toggled in the world settings menu. To prevent your world from crashing, a copy of your world will be created with an [EX] before the world name.

Once experimental gameplay is enabled for a world, it cannot be disabled. Any progress will not be saved to your original world.

Minecraft forest

Minecraft Beta 1.2.20 Release Date

It currently does not have a release date.

Minecraft Beta Patch Notes


  • Updated dolphin model.
  • Dolphins now have sounds.
  • Added pocket UI screens for compound creator, element constructor, material reducer, and lab table.
  • Updated textures for nautilus shell and heart of the sea.


  • Fixed a crash that occurred when creating a world when the education edition toggle was enabled.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when deleting a world or resource pack through the storage screen.
  • Attempting to import education edition world files no longer resets worlds.
  • Reduced the delay when placing or destroying blocks.
  • Curse of binding and vanishing books can no longer be acquired by trading with a librarian villager.
  • All chemistry items now appear in creative inventory if education edition cheat is enabled.
  • Reduced the amount of magma blocks that generate in underwater ravines.
  • Bucket of fish items now appear in the creative Inventory.
  • Dolphins can successfully get back to water now.
  • Fixed several of the top crashed that occurred during gameplay.
  • Fixed some toggles and buttons staying highlighted in settings when they shouldn’t.
  • Fixed the crafting recipes of prismarine bricks and dark prismarine being switched.
  • Guardians will now attack cod.
  • Guardians can no longer jump out of the water and suspend themselves in air while firing their beam.
  • Water can once again be removed with a bucket if there is a block above it.
  • The paper doll is no longer running on the main menu.
  • It is once again possible to fill an empty bucket using touch controls.
  • Water around chests in ruins no longer appears if the ruin generates above water.
  • Charging a bow or trident and switching items no longer causes blocks to not drop when broken.
  • Ravines once again generate correctly.
  • Crouching and flying up no longer causes the player to jump in creative mode.

Minecraft Beta Patch Notes

New Features

  • Water has a completely new look and it is now much easier to see above and underwater.
  • Dolphins.
  • Underwater ruins.
  • Underwater caves.
  • Sea pickles can now be found on the ocean floor as a source of light.
  • Heart of the sea and nautilus shell items. These items have no function yet but be sure to collect them for later.
  • Minecraft: Education Edition chemistry features can now be enabled.


  • Players can now swim through 1×1 gaps.
  • Updated the model for cod.
  • Updated the textures of stripped jungle wood, fish spawn eggs, coral fans, and dried kelp blocks.
  • Items will now float to the top of water
  • Shipwrecks now use a variety of trapdoors.
  • Added a new animation when using a trident with riptide.
  • Cauldrons can now be used underwater if they have a trapdoor on top.
  • Polar bears and strays now spawn in frozen oceans.
  • The breath meter now slowly regenerates after being underwater.
  • Fish spawn eggs are no longer behind the experimental gameplay toggle.
  • Spawn points can now be set using beds during the day.
  • Baby zombies now burn in daylight.
  • Zombies and skeletons now burn in daylight while in boats.


You can see the full list of bug fixes here.

Oceans might be smaller in Minecraft these days, but there is still plenty of space for the new mob to occupy.

Minecraft Beta 1.2.14 Release Date

It currently does not have a release date.

Minecraft Beta Patch Notes

Hot Fix

A small hotfix has been released to address players getting stuck on the loading/splash screen in the beta. This update will appear on all beta platforms but only affects Android users.

Minecraft Beta Patch Notes

New Features

  • New ocean biomes of varying depths and temperatures.
  • Tropical fish.
  • Cod, salmon, and pufferfish mobs.
  • Shipwrecks.
  • Ocean ravines.
  • Coral reefs.
  • Coral, coral fans, and coral blocks.
  • Kelp, dried kelp, and dried kelp blocks.
  • Seagrass and tall seagrass.
  • Buried treasure and treasure maps.
  • Icebergs.
  • Blue ice blocks.
  • Trident and new enchantments:
    • Channeling.
    • Loyalty.
    • Riptide.
    • Impaling.
  • New water behavior:
    • A water source block can be place inside of most non-solid blocks.
    • Flowing water will still not flow into non-solid blocks.
    • Blocks can be placed underwater without creating pockets of air around them.
  • Stripped wood.
  • Prismarine stairs and slabs.
  • New wood variants for buttons, pressure plates and trapdoors.
  • Swimming animation while sprinting in water.
  • Added an inventory section to the store to manage all your acquired content.


  • New textures for raw fish, cooked fish, raw salmon, cooked salmon, tropical fish, and pufferfish.
  • Pumpkins can now be sheared into carved pumpkins.
  • Leads can now be attached to boats.
  • Tweaks to the directional movement of the gameplay cursor for more predictable movement.

Experimental Gameplay

  • Drowned mobs (now with glowy bits).
  • Items now float in water.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved load times in the skin picker and when applying resource packs.
  • ‘Delicious Fish’ achievement will now unlock after cooking and eating salmon.
  • Fishing will now give the proper chance of catching a stack of ten ink sacs.
  • When riding a boat and hitting a mob with the knockback enchantment, the mob will no longer be always knocked toward the east.
  • Snow covered leaves no longer appear red when smooth lighting is disabled.
  • Commands in chains of command blocks will now run sequentially when other chains are running nearby.
  • Fixed the ‘disconnected from server’ prompt being too large on Gear VR.
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