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Mojang wants to put your cat in Minecraft

The #Minecraftcatcontest might put your cat in Minecraft

Your cat may soon be a permanent addition to Minecraft, and you won’t even have to build the recreation of the feline friend yourself. Mojang has launched a contest where one lucky kitty will become a new cat skin in an upcoming update. The contest will be decided by a combination of Mojang judging and community voting.

To enter, you’ll need to post a picture of your cat to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with the #Minecraftcatcontest hashtag. After November 12, Mojang will use “a highly-respected cat media judging technique called ‘eyes’ to ‘look’ at all the entries,” and three finalists will go up for community voting on November 16, with the winner to be announced on November 19.

The winning cat will join the game in a Village and Pillage update due out next year. Cats were recently split off into a mob separate from ocelots in the 1.14 update, which also added eight new skins for the fuzz-buddies. A ninth, community-chosen skin was promised at the time, and it looks like this is how it’s getting picked – though I suspect Mojang may just want an excuse to browse cat pictures at work, and I honestly respect the effort.

You can read the full rules in the official announcement, which comes to us via Comic Book.

In the meantime, you might want to check out the best Minecraft mods – if you don’t win the contest, you’ll want to know what you’re getting into when you eventually mod your feline friend into the game on your own time.