Minecraft doesn’t come off great when you summarise it in 20 seconds

Minecraft, before the storm.

There’s little more serene in PC gaming than an hour with Notch’s opus. What other open-world survival experience has a ‘Peaceful’ option? Minecraft in Survival mode is about home-making – about carving out a space in the world to call your own.

The thing is, you’re inevitable carving into something – or someone – living there already. That’s something Keshen8 has gone about highlighting in luscious papercraft animation.

Keshen8 has built a 223,000 subscriber-strong YouTube empire on the back of self-deprecating stop-motion Lego shorts. But give a Lego fan a PC, it seems, and you’ve created a Minecraft player. This is his latest effort:

Did you hear? Mojang are working with Warner Bros on a “potential” Minecraft movie.

“Someone is trying leak the fact,” tweeted Notch in February. “I wanted to be the leak!”

How would you capture the essence of Minecraft in an hour and a half? Would it look anything like this?

Thanks, VG247.