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Minecraft has been sold to PC gamers on 14 million separate occasions


Minecraft has now sold more than the Myst series. More than that, it's less than 350,000 copies away from riding into Red Dead Redemption’s town (on a 1.6.1 update horse, natch) and declaring the environs sufficiently cramped to merit a duel.

In terms of copies sold, it’s now about as valuable as Raving Rabbids is to Ubisoft, or Metroid is to Nintendo.

The numbers come, as ever, from Mojang’s own stats page - which should be everyone’s first port of call when they start to lose their faith in the buying habits of Joe Public. In fact, Minecraft on PC crossed the 14 million boundary at the weekend - it’s sold 17,354 copies in the last 24 hours alone. That’s genuinely astounding to think about.


I’m starting to think that Notch’s decision to keep Mojang small - laudable though it was, preserving the developers’ distinct character in the process - won’t enable him to make the most of his burgeoning pockets.

Even with Notch’s PS4, there’s simply no way that 40 people can burn through so much development cash in their natural lifespans. So either Notch pours funding into lich research to ensure the Mojang team can push out Minecraft update 72.1.6 even after death, or - my suggestion - he builds another Blizzard on the side, just because he can.

What do you lot reckon? Where should the surplus Minecraft money go?

As for Minecraft itself: next on the cards is creeper-vision.

Thanks, GamesIndustry.

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Dog Pants avatar
Dog Pants Avatar
4 Years ago

I think Notch should carry on with the lich research.

It kind of puts it in perspective when you compare MC's sales with AAA titles like Red Dead. That wasn't a blockbuster like the big boys, the likes of Call of Duty or GTA, and so even mighty Minecraft is still... well not small potatoes but smaller potatoes at least. However, Minecraft is still selling. Like hot potatoes (sorry, I'm stuck on a tuber metaphor run now). So I can see it overtaking sales of the individual games if not the franchises. I wonder how the profits compare, since the big AAAs cost millions to make while Minecraft was presumably relatively cheap. Well hopefully, and then maybe we'll see the NotchLich in our lifetimes.