Minecraft has now sold 100 million copies, 40m people play every month

Minecraft infographic

Minecraft, as you potentially may not know, is a popular videogame about building things with blocks. It is so popular that around 53,000 copies are sold every day. And thanks to such a number of copies being sold every 24 hours, Minecraft has now topped 100 million copies sold. 

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As we were saying, Minecraft is a popular videogame. 

That figure of 53,000 copies sold per day relates to 2016 alone, so it could well have been higher in previous years. The total amount sold as of yesterday evening was 106,859,714. As the infographic below points out, if every owner of Minecraft banded together and founded their own country, they would have the twelfth largest population on the planet.

Minecraft infographic

Other fun facts include Antarctica being home to four copies of the game, and that more than 40 million people play Minecraft every month.

To help draw comparison, the super-popular Grand Theft Auto V has sold 65 million copies over five different platforms since launch. The best-selling Call of Duty game – Modern Warfare 3 – managed only 26.5 million.

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