Minecraft is getting a flying cape – Adventure Mode will never be the same again

Minecraft Cape

Someone at Mojang is obviously a huge fan of Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly’s music, because they’re allowing you to do all of those things in Minecraft’s upcoming snapshot. You’ll soon be able to glide and soar around in Adventure Mode, free like a bird, and with a good deal more grace than when flying in Creative Mode, which feels more like the classic ‘noclip’ cheat than anything. Love lift us up where we belong…

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The flying cape was recently unveiled by Mojang’s Jens Bergensten via Twitter, complete with a GIF of him swooping around some woodland and lakes:

Bergensten also followed up that tweet to explain that the flying cape can’t be crafted, but must instead be found. The cape also folds up while you’re standing. It looks like a surprisingly deft and agile flight model – or maybe Bergensten’s just really, really good at it. He does develop the game, after all.

Minecraft’s last snapshot, 15w36a, rebalanced armour to add more challenge back to combat and made endermen creepy again. We’ll take the flying cape over increased chance of death, thanks.

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