Minecraft master-builders BlockWorks make piratical Peter Pan map at the behest of Warner Bros.


You’ve got to imagine there’s heightened awareness of Minecraft at Warner Bros. Pictures right now. Not only are all of its executives’ children inevitably playing it, because they’re children in 2015, but the studio are also adapting Notch’s opus as the Minecraft Movie.

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Maybe that’s why they thought to ask BlockWorks, a team of designers, architects and animators doing exceptional work with Minecraft maps, to recreate a vignette from the Peter Pan prequel that comes to cinemas a week on Friday.

The piratical map plays host to two minigames: one in which two sets of players battle to blow up each others’ flying ship, and another which tasks competitors with searching the “depths of Neverland” for an elusive Pan token to bring back to base and score points for their team. Download instructions are on the Pan site.

They both sound like the kind of thing thousands log into Hypixel and The Hive to play every day. In fact, it’s a surprisingly in-touch idea for a corporate entity with more subsidiaries than you’ve got fingers.

Pan, in case you were wondering, is an origin story for Peter which finds the boy wonder whisked away from a London orphanage to the land of pirates, fairies and ticking crocodiles. Hugh Jackman is the baddy.

BlockWorks have been commissioned to work on breathtaking maps like these before – most recently Disney’s Tomorrowland. Which upcoming films would you like to see adapted to the medium of Minecraft?

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