Minecraft Minesweeper officially released as Realm minigame and terrifying grey box nightmare


This wasn’t what I was expecting the Mojang-Microsoft relationship to produce, but here we are. A 3D but otherwise recognisable version of Minesweeper is now a minigame in Minecraft Realms, the official online subscription service for the obscenely popular sandbox game. It turns out taking a 2D concept and stretching it to cover an entire room makes it a little disturbing.

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The minigame was first announced through Marc Watson’s Twitter, who is the community manager for Minecraft Realms:

As you can see, the nightmare prison of detonating TNT is like an exceptionally lo-fi version of The Cube. For me, anyway. Its release is paired with a price drop in the Realms subscription, as well as access to a free trial for those who have never had the service before. If you want to try this and many more curated Minecraft mods, additional spawns and the like, the Realms menu in the client will give you access.

What other hellish locales would you create by remaking Windows 95’s hottest games?