Minecraft mod GregTech contains code to crash game

Code’s been discovered in the Minecraft GregTech mod which will crash the game if the mod’s alterations are undone by other mods. The discovery has resulted in GregTech’s inclusion in the Feed the Beast mod collection becoming tenuous as the collection’s curator, SlowPoke, says “Any mod that is found to contain code like this will be removed from a pack.”

A recent update to GregTech nerfed wood collection in Minecraft. It changed the number of planks generated from crafting wood from four to two, halving the production rate for players. A significant change to the game which changes the core balance of resource collection. Because the change is on such a fundamental element of the game it means that many mods that might be running in tandem with GregTech have become unbalanced.

The developer of Tinker’s Construct, mDiyo, responded to Greg’s changes by releasing an update which undid the changes that Greg had implemented. If you had both mods installed then you would once again collect four planks from wood.

At this point Greg added code to his mod which would crash the game if his changes to wood were altered. As soon as code concerning gathering wood was run then the game would crash.

MDiyo removed his de-nerfing code and Greg his crash code, and, according to mDiyo, “everything regarding the crash has been undone, I'm pretty sure, but... well. [...] I would never recommend them in the same pack.”

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Hence SlowPoke considering the mods inclusion in future Feed the Beast collections. “Moving forwards we will probably have to redesign the 152wgt [with GregTech] and 152ngt [No GregTech] packs,” writes SlowPoke. “More details on these redesigns will be out shortly.”

This isn’t the first issue between the two modders, though. Problems between the two first began months ago. Both the developers had separately added features to their mods which, when combined, created an exploit that allowed players to produce infinite resources. MDiyo messaged Greg, who “called it a bug”, and they ignored it. However after players began to discover the exploit, mDiyo made a note in his mod recommending players disabled reverse smelting in Greg’s mod. Greg responded by writing a “full-screen rant”. But the developers found a compromise, “A config setting was added to disable the interaction on my end, Greg altered the message on his end, everything seems fine for awhile.”

Clearly, the two developers have a history of adding code to their mods which specifically alters functionality of the other’s but mDiyo’s was to reverse features, Greg’s actively damaged the game.

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jac99ultracool avatar
jac99ultracool Avatar
3 Years ago

I completely disagree with this. This was a balancing change by Greg, designed to encourage users to use the Sawmills from GregTech and Mekanism, which are otherwise never used. You forgot to mention that he also nerfed the Thermal Expansion Sawmill to give 4 planks per wood instead of 6. Also, Greg has included a Saw, for getting 3 per wood. Also, this can all be enabled / disabled in the configs. I am of the opinion that both modders acted within their rights. If you don't like the mod, don't use it! It's simple...