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Dedicated fans create brand new Pokémon game in vanilla Minecraft

Pokémon Cobalt and Amethyst

There have been Pokémon Minecraft skins, special Pokémon Minecraft mods and hell, even a scale copy of the entire Pokémon Red map in Minecraft but there has never been an original Pokémon game created in Minecraft. Well, Phoenix Projects have thought to change that, with their single player adventure Pokémon Cobalt and Amethyst.

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This single player map is a fully fledged Pokémon adventure, complete with 136 brand new Pokémon, eight gym leaders to fight, 11 towns to explore, a Pokémon League to become the champion of and even a unique OST. The region of Suliqu is home to its own legendary Pokémon as well, including the evil Team Tempest which will follow the time-honoured tradition of having their world domination plot foiled by a ten year old and their squad of magical animals.

A fan project of this size and scope is impressive by itself, but what’s more mind boggling is that this Pokemon adventure is made entirely using Command Blocks and redstone in the vanilla version of Minecraft. No extra mods are needed to play Pokémon Cobalt and Amethyst, everything has been coded and created using Minecraft’s inbuilt map making tools. When you consider that includes programming moves for all the Pokémon, getting the storage system to work and scripting events like gym leader battles, that’s an incredible undertaking by a group of fans.

Unfortunately, its use of the Pokémon name means it is liable to get slapped with a cease and desist from the Big N pretty quickly. As seen with other Pokémon fan games like Pokémon Uranium, Nintendo will waste no time defending their intellectual property, even if it is through taking down a single player map for a game franchise they have no direct control over.

So, if you are at all interested in giving this blocky Pokémon adventure a go, I would download this map sooner rather than later. The video above goes through the installation process and you can find a walkthrough of the entire game here.

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