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Minecraft Realms expands to more countries


Mojang are continuing to roll out their premium Minecraft Realms service to more countries, making their officially hosted servers available in an expanded number of locations worldwide. They’ve posted up a handy little map of where the service is now available, so if you couldn’t access Realms before, perhaps now you can! Perhaps your life is about to change forever.

Realms is Mojang’s answer to Minecraft’s slightly ramshackle multiplayer experience, allowing players to subscribe to their own personal dedicated server. For £8 a month, a host can invite twenty friends to his world, with up to ten players able to join at any time. The server is then available 24/7 to any invited player, regardless of whether the host is online. All of the Minecraft Realms functionality is built into the Minecraft client, aiding cleaner and more straightforward online funtimes.

Here’s the map of locations in which Realms is available, as well as a bunch more information about how it works.