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Minecraft snapshot 13w19a means that sneaking up on donkeys is now sound survivalism


Thanks to Mojang’s latest mini-patch, it’s now possible to access donkey and mule inventories by creeping up behind them and interacting with their soft, grey manes. To what end? I’m not really sure. Perhaps we’ll plant live grenades in their feed bags, Fallout 3-style. Perhaps we’ll simply steal their suppers.

Elsewhere in today’s update, there are new textures for charcoal, coal blocks and lapis lazuli – the rare rocks used to craft blue dye. And you’ll be pleased to hear that mobs are back to spawning in groups for your nighttime displeasure:

  • Added new stained hardened clay.
  • Enabled access to the donkey & mule inventories by sneaking and interacting.
  • New textures for Charcoal, Coal Block, and Lapis Lazuli.
  • Made mobs spawn as groups again.
  • [Bug MC-671] – Minecarts with Furnace consume coal in creative mode
  • [Bug MC-3960] – After the last use of a bow you get a glitch bow that when dropped and picked up again duplicates
  • [Bug MC-15061] – Coal blocks do not burn away
  • [Bug MC-15148] – Blurred menu background textures

To download the snapshot, you’ll need to use the new launcher. That way you can return to a more stable Minecraft 1.5.2 via the old launcher with nary a version switch. And if you find any bugs on your travels, Mojang would be terribly grateful if you could report them here.

So what’s really up with the donkeys, do you think? Why might you want to sneak up on them?