Minecraft snapshot 14w04a sets fire to all your bushes, gives villagers some intellect


Another day, another snapshot glides gracefully down from the Mojang cloud above and implants itself inside your Minecraft. 14w04a contains a multitude of goodies, but the best is clearly “bushes can now catch fire”. Now you can create mazes of green, only to set them alight and create a labyrinth of scorching heat. It’s the perfect little torture in your world of insane challenges. If you’re that way inclined, of course. 

In addition to fire retardant being pulled from foliage, item frames can now give off a single detected by Comparators. Villager AI has been significantly improved, meaning they should look a bit busy these days. Looting now gives a 1% chance of dropping rare items per level. Iron Golems, along with Zombie Pigmen, now drop items when killed normally. Iron Golems can also be spawned with dispensers, as can Snow Golems and Withers. Plus they can spawn with pumpkins and skulls. And if you were less than happy with your button arrangements, be pleased to know that placing buttons on ceiling and floors is now totally and option. Combined with a variety of secret changes and bug tweaks, survival mode has had quite a nice little mix-up.

Mapmakers haven’t been left out, with the new /particle command showing up particle effects in the world. You can also now filter block types in the /fill command, provided you’re using ‘normal’ blocks. And finally, all those issues with the /clone command should have been fixed. Well, most of them anyway. Chest orientation is no problem at all now!

For a full list on what bugs were squashed under Mojang’s cleansing heel this time around, check out the Mojang blog. And remember to enable experimental snapshots in your Minecraft profile to get all the changes beamed into your game.