Minecraft snapshot 15w32a brings us a better Ender Dragon battle

Ender dragon

Minecraft’s latest snapshot is live, and it’s all about laying groundwork for future snapshots and upcoming features. But key to 15w32a is work being done on better boss fight AI. You’ll certainly find your Ender Dragon fights are more interesting these days.

Mojang’s blog lists the new improvements in this week’s snapshot as:

  • Improved Ender Dragon fight, now with more cowbell!
  • Better handling of using items in both the mainhand and offhand.
  • Some monsters have problems with their vision now, but we don’t have the time to code glasses for them.
  • Generic upgrade path for world saves, this is very technical internal stuff that you’ll only notice if it goes wrong, but it makes our lives easy.
  • Added a thing to the system with the values. Can’t be more specific, no spoilers.

As well as features, the snapshot squashes a few bugs too. The Ender Dragon will now die when killed, regardless if he’s perched on a portal or not. Fishing rods have been fixed so they don’t look like they’re cast out to see all the time. Potions have had their colours revived, and nametags now don’t show over invisible players.

Mojang advises to back up your world before updating to this snapshot.