Minecraft sold 453,000 copies on Christmas Eve. Quite the present for Mojang


Yes, Christmas was a week ago but some of us are still shaking off from our minor hibernation and have found our news stocking rancid with ripening morsels of information. Naturally, we’re passing this off to you, fair reader, before it leaves a stink in our kitchen.

So, hold out your hands and gratefully read that Minecraft sold a further 453,000 copies in a single night, Christmas Eve to be exact.

The news was broken by Notch on Twitter, then written up as a story by IGN, which wassampled by VG247, and, finally, arrived for us to pick through and present to you. Enjoy this fourth pressing:

Wowzers, indeed.

It’s lovely to see that more people are being presented with copies of the endlessly inventive world building game. I dived back in over Christmas and without expounding over a few hundreds words, start playing with the Tekkit mod, it expands on the base game hugely. Jetpacks, I’ll say no more.

If you’d like to know more you could read about it here on the siteor you could watch the documentary about developer Mojang and the year they went from being a one man team to one of the most successful indie studios.

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