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Minecraft: The Story of Mojang now free on YouTube


When Double Fine Kickstarted an adventure game in the infinite vacuum of pre-history, they made a big deal of the fact that three men would be tracking the entire process – lugging heavy cameras about their San Francisco office and bugging Ron Gilbert.

Well, guess what. Back when they didn’t sleep chained to a leg of Tim Schafer’s desk, those same three men made a feature-length documentary about a man who called himself Notch, and a game then splurging outwards in every direction, like lava from a bucket.

Would you like to watch it for nothing?

Minecraft: The Story of Mojang, which can’t helpfully be shortened to ‘Minecraft’, might not be precisely the origin story you wanted. It’s a film about Minecraft’s fans and for them, which bounces from its achievements to gushing endorsements and back again – but as our Paul wrote in his review in January, it doesn’t teach us an awful lot.

“The result is a film that’s often charming, frequently sweet, but never particularly deep. We get to see how popular the game is and how inspiring it’s been, as if we didn’t know that already, but we get no sense of the hard work that has gone into it or much insight of the personalities and decisions that shaped it.”

So it’s not really the story of Mojang, then – just Minecraft. That’s a story worth hearing, though, here in an embedded box, via the power of YouTube:

Or perhaps you’ve seen it already? If so, regale us with your fading memories in the comments before they topple out of your ears.

Thanks, PC Gamer.