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Minecraft Tekkit Mod Pack removes Crafting Table III for new build


Minecraft’s popular and sprawling Tekkit Mod Pack has made a number of changes for its 3.1.1 build, not least among them the wholesale removal of Crafting Table III.

Zeldo’s Crafting Table III mod aims to make Minecraft a game you can play without frequent consultation with the Minecraft Wiki; its titular table allows you to examine every item in the game to see what its uses are in crafting.

Nonetheless it’s been booted from Tekkit’s current build, which has seenseveral other mods included in the pack updated.

Tekkit collator Technic’s reasons for removing the mod are as yet unknown, but by Zeldo’s own admittance, Crafting Table III is still in beta and has been known to cause lag issues. We’ll update when we know more.