Minecraft update – what’s new in 1.9.3

Minecraft 1.9.3

Update 10 May, 2016: Minecraft update 1.9.3 has now been released.

Mojang have released the final version of Minecraft 1.9.3 to the public. It’s targetted mostly at performance improvements, both client-side and on servers, and should result in a smoother, nicer play experience for everyone involved. They did manage to drop a couple of gameplay changes in there too. 1.10 should be next on the chopping block and we’ll hear more about it soon.

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Here’s the full patch notes:

  • Improved memory usage of the pathfinder
  • Performance of the chunk cache improved
  • Use less memory for biome caching
  • Several tweaks to the AI
  • Tweaks to the Realms
  • Added /stopsound command

Mojang’s post, as always, encourages players to report bugs so they can be fixed. We’ll bring you 1.10 as soon as the first snapshots start going live.

Update 4 May, 2016:A third pre-release patch has been released for the incoming 1.9.3 patch.

Are you ready for this? It’s a big one…

Notable changes:

  • Changed some changes that we made in 1.9.3 pre-release 2
  • Fixed a potential crash with spreading water or lava
  • Added 0.17% more cowbell

I’m sure you’ll agree that these are all Earth-shattering, game-changing tweaks. However, they are required for the main update to be as stable as possible. And all going well, 1.9.3 should be landing next week. We’ll update when it does.

Original Story 27 April, 2016:While Minecraft 2 seems like an unlikely prospect at this stage, the original version continues to be updated regularly. We get our glimpses at these Minecraft patches through snapshots released from Mojang and accessible through the client. Sometimes they contain sweeping changes to the way the game functions, while others are bug fixes and minor tweaks. The latest, 1.9.3, is in its final testing stages and while it isn’t massive, it will be improving performance. We’ll keep this updated as much information comes out.

Minecraft Update 1.9.3 Bug Fixes

All of Minecraft’s many bugs are tracked on theofficial site. Some are minor, some are major, all are on the to-do pile. Here’s what’s getting fixed in 1.9.3:

  • A pathfinding memory leak
  • Exponential lag because of entities in 1.9
  • Chunk generation performance improved by 20-30% over 1.9
  • Code optimisation
  • Collisions no longer cause extreme lag
  • Colored ‘dead’ skin template parts no longer cause in-game issues
  • Skin’s jacket parts should now always show up
  • Adult Horse/Donkey pathfinding fixed on elevated terrain
  • World will no longer corrupt by teleporting to y=(-)Infinity
  • Endermen should now always become aggressive when seen
  • Notch’s skin fixed
  • Various crashes fixed

Minecraft Update 1.9.3 Performance Improvements

There’s a significant target on performance and stability for 1.9.3. In the first pre-release version, here’s what Mojang had to say:

  • Performance should be improved for most players
  • Some players may experience the same performance as before
  • Very few players should have worse performance

Meanwhile pre-release 2 has fixed several crashes and says both client and server should be more stable. If you’ve been having problems running Minecraft, this should be the update for you.

How to play Minecraft snapshots

The 1.9.3 pre-release patch is now available on the snapshots branch of Minecraft. Want to test it out? Here’s how:

  • Open launcher and hit New Profile
  • Name it ‘snapshots’
  • Check box labeled “Enable experimental development snapshot”
  • Save
  • Back up your worlds or run your game from a different folder, as snapshots can be highly unstable.

This will work for any and all snapshots in the future.

That’s your lot for 1.9.3. Not a lot of changes this go round, but 1.10 is lurking. We’ll see you for that in a few weeks.