Minecraft Wrecking Ball parodies take aim at Endermen and Creepers

Minecraft Mojang Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball video made little sense. In its wake, many have been left unable to cope; you may have seen the poor sods lying listless on a bus stop bench or sitting in a supermarket trolley gently weeping. Others are only able to make amends with the image of a 20-year-old fellating a sledgehammer by creating parody videos in Minecraft.

To those filmmaking few, we salute you.

The first comes from Duncan Jones, a member of the Yogscast. He and his sister, Rosie, turn Cyrus’ song about losing love because a lady wasn’t submissive in her relationship into a tale of a gold-thieving Enderman and the miner who tries to save their stash from his robbing ways:

The song captures the endless struggle at the centre of every Minecraft player’s play: “I’m sick of finding iron and tin/ I just want a pimping golden floor”.

It’s not only the Yogscast who have had a shot at Cyrus. CavemanFilms got in on the act, too.

Caveman sets up a much more classic enemy to be the villain of his piece: the creepers:

The story that’s told in this song is a little epic in scope, charting one Minecrafter’s war with the creepers “I took my time / To build a castle with a view / Two moats, twelve boats, don’t want to gloat […] But then the freaking Creepers came / Blew up everything in my game.” He takes the fight to outer space before realising he must return to make his stand back on solid ground.

It’s enough to bring a tear to your eye (if you’re in a sentimental mood following an exhausting day which has left your emotions on a knife edge).

If you’re still in the mood for Cyrus parodies this one by Jay-Jay, Mike & Dom is the best I’ve seen for breaking down the caluclated imagery in the music video:

If you know of any other Minecraft music parodies send them my way. I’m really enjoying this niche strain of Youtube.