Mojang launch as the official community hub and news source for all things blocky redesign

For years now the Mojang blog has been the go-to site for snapshots, updates, Minecon reveals and practically any official Minecraft news, leaving to serve as the storefront for the game. But as Mojang’s blog ironically confirms, has received a total overhaul and will now be where all official news about the game is posted.

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Mojang’s director of creative communications, Owen Jones, took to the revamped to outline the kind of updates its audience can expect to see from it in the coming weeks and months. “The humble Mojang blog has served us well. We’ve reported on updates, new editions, DLC packs, billion dollar acquisitions, multiple Minecons, charity game jams, unexpected EULA tweaks, and lots, lots more. Despite all that, it’s still felt like an inward-looking place.

“The new has a wider perspective. Though we’ll still report on all of the above (hopefully no more EULA stuff – that kinda stressed me out), we’re planning to highlight the incredible things you create on a daily basis, introduce you to the Mojang staff, give insight into development, and riff on all things Minecraft, from our favourite mobs to the humble grass block.”

The site redesign also means all content will fall under four vague categories: Culture, Insider, Merch and News. Merch and News are pretty self-explanatory, Insider will offer readers a glimpse into the development side of the game, and Culture will explore everything from the YouTube scene to cosplayers and modders. Effectively the redesigned will now serve as a store, news source and community hub for all things Minecraft. The site’s currently looking a tad empty, but hopefully it will be brimming with community creations, stories and news in no time.

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