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Check out these adorable Minecraft mini biomes

The mini biome movement is storming Reddit - here are some of our favourites

These Minecraft mini biomes are the absolute cutest. Users on Reddit are showing off these miniaturised interpretations of full scale biomes using interesting materials and a little artistic license.

Biomes if you’re unfamiliar are the different environments of Minecraft, varying from Swamps, Mountains, Badlands, and beyond. They each have unique attributes, plant life, animals, and expectations which fans have learned the ins and outs of over the years. These charming little interpretations of those biomes try to fit those characteristics into a really small space, using unusual materials to get an adorable effect typically in either three by three or four by four squares.

There is a long line of Minecraft users finding new ways to interact with the blocky world around them and it’s not unusual for us to be impressed by the results. Let’s have a look at some of the more famous Biome recreations on Reddit and admire them for their delightful creativity, and their good humour.

First up, a mini swamp biome! Using single fence blocks as tree trucks, but the normal tree texture as a little head, you can really see how easily recognisable the biome is. Paired with a mini creeper head, a rare item acquired by blowing up a charged creeper next to a regular creeper, the biome is complete. User D00M666 did a great job.

This next mini biome is a jungle biome, which was some really cool problem solving. When trying to downgrade the size of a biome into a few spaces, a large problem arises with the small details being included. User PrezesRob really out did themselves by using sandstone stairs to subvert that issue, as well as using bamboo fences for the tree trunks. And for the tree tops? I believe that it’s green carpet. Excellent.

I know I’ve said a lot of stuff is cute today, but this is also astonishingly adorable. Look at this Taiga biome with it’s little Minecraft fox. I’m sort of in love. A smaller scale but no less entrancing mini biome encapsulating the things people, including creator IAmDawk love about Taiga.

This is a little simpler than the others, as the End isn’t exactly a complicated biome to understand. This mini biome just condenses down the scary, endless, uh, End and somehow looking at the void around it makes this idea of just a few blocks in space, pretty scary. RealSpaceTaco succeeded in giving me goosebumps.

And last but not least is this joker in the pack. With any trend, there are people that will have a laugh and the mini biome movement is no different. User Odisher recreated skillfully, no that doesn’t do it justice, how about artfully, a field in a mini biome. Hold your applause please, let me finish. This biome is just perfect, I can’t understand how many painstaking hours must have been spent on this masterpiece. Thank you, Odisher, thank you.

There are plenty more Biomes being recreated by users on the r/Minecraft subreddit so you can go see them for yourself! In the meantime, and as a little aperitif, did you know that you can complete Minecraft without mining a single block? Players are a clever bunch aren’t they?