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Here’s a Minecraft modder playing Doom on some sheep

That's baaaaadass

Doom can run on everything from cash registers to pregnancy tests, but there’s always a new frontier. For example: sheep. Yes, you can now see Doom running on sheep, courtesy of a Minecraft mod that turns a field of sheep into a video screen. You can’t technically play Doom in real time this way, but it’s still pretty baaaaaadass.

The mod simply takes a specially-encoded video file and uses a field of sheep to recreate that video, by changing the colour of each animal’s wool. Modder Treyzania originally built the plugin for monochrome and used it to play back the inescapably memed-to-death video for Bad Apple. Of course, everyone soon started asking for Doom.

So Treyzania expanded the plugin to support all of Minecraft’s 16 sheep colours, and now you can see Doom running on it. It’s not quite the virtual machine that lets you actually play Doom on a PC in Minecraft, but… Come on, it’s Doom playing on sheep, and if you’re not impressed with that I don’t know what to tell you.

Check out the video below to see Doom for yourself (plus a little extra, for the memes), or download the plugin yourself here.

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