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Play a Harry Potter RPG with this enormous Minecraft map

It’s pretty clear from the Harry Potter books and movies that if Hogwarts was real, it would be huge. But that hasn’t stopped modders from recreating the school of witchcraft and wizardry as a ginormous map inside vanilla Minecraft – with quests, puzzles, trade, and so much more included. Best of all, it’s due to release very soon.

Modding group Floo Network has posted a gameplay trailer on YouTube for their creation, the Minecraft School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which you can check out below – and it’s super impressive. From the iconic great hall packed with students and candles floating overhead to the grand staircase, the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom to the Herbology greenhouses occupied with squealing mandrakes, and Hagrid’s Hut to the Chamber of Secrets – just about every Hogwarts location you can think of is recreated in the sandbox game’s blocky artstyle.

The trailer reveals you’ll be able to “attend Hogwarts,” with classes, quests, and what appear to be fully interactive puzzles to complete, and even “secrets and mysteries” to uncover. Plus, you’ll get to explore it solo or with your pals – your choice.

The adventures don’t end at Hogwarts’ doors though – there are other locations from the Harry Potter universe included, too. There’s a full recreation of Diagon Alley, which you can head to for trading, Hogsmeade, Weasleys’ home The Burrow, and more. There’s even a faithful adaptation of the purple Knight Bus, three tiers included.

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The creators say they’re trying to release the map – which is entirely built in vanilla Minecraft so won’t require any mods to run – before the end of this month, though there’s no exact release date available just yet.

The map will be free upon release, but Floo Network says it’s “experimenting with letting our Patreon supporters test the current version of the map.”

In the meantime, check out our list of the best Minecraft mods – or our list of the best Minecraft maps – if you’re keen to check out some of the other impressive creations for Mojang’s block builder.

Top image credit: Floo Network, Mojang/YouTube

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