Minecraft mod turns the sandbox game into Satisfactory

This Minecraft mod takes the beloved sandbox game and adds in working trains and a huge swathe of other automation features to play with

Minecraft Mod image showing steve with a pickaxe in front of complicated machinery

Minecraft mods come in all shapes and sizes and can be used to turn the sandbox game into nearly anything. There are packs dedicated to making it feel like Elden Ring, a mod to add Mario Karts into your world, and even more natural ones like this mod that allows you to fly on phantoms. There are also mods that try and push the game further into the sandbox genre, if that’s even possible.

Create is a mod that was originally created back in 2019, but it’s been worked on a lot since then and has nearly 24 million downloads. Despite that, it’s only just hit version 0.5, but this update is a doozy. Along with everything the mod already has, this update brings with it an array of items that allow you to construct working railways.

It’s hard to actually imagine how that looks different to a standard mine cart railway, so it’s best if you just watch the trailer on Reddit. As you can see, Minecraft looks a lot more like the industrial age thanks to all of the mod, and it feels like you’re watching a blocky version of Satisfactory instead of a game about exploding creepers.

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The five-minute-long trailer shows off a lot of the newer features, but also gives a good feel for what to expect if you’ve never tried the mod out before. It’s all very impressive, although the way that the machines milk cows has us wondering if someone should confiscate the animals from whoever made the trailer.

If you like your building to be more attuned to the real world, then you’ll be glad to know that one powerful fan has been building their own modular Redstone devices.