Minecraft mod adds magical staves and cool armour sets

This Minecraft mod aims to add a bit of magic to the sandbox game with a range of staves and awesome armour to make you feel all knightly

Minecraft mod Knight Quest - several knight-style helmets in different designs

This Minecraft mod aims to bring a bit of medieval magic to the sandbox game by allowing you to create a bunch of new armour sets, along with some magical staves to help you manipulate the world around you. It’s a great way to add some convenience in too, because it removes the need for buckets.

Now, the best Minecraft mods can do anything from allowing you to create weird pocket dimensions like in Doctor Who, to changing the game into something far more complicated like this Minecraft Satisfactory mod. There’s really no limit to what you can manage if you don’t mind hunting around a bit, but sometimes the best mods are the ones that do one thing really well.

The Knight Quest mod isn’t actually about questing, but it is about making sure you look the part. The aim of it is simple: offer players a lot of new armour sets to choose from, with some of them having special enhancements, and also give them a little more magic too. Some of it is just cosmetic, but if it looks cool, who could possibly argue against it?

The staves are the stars of the show for us though, as each of them allows you to interact with the world in a fun way. The water stave, for example, essentially acts like a bucket, and you can change zombies into Drowned by hitting them with it. It’s a fun little interaction that’s not going to break the game, but will change things up just a bit. You can download the Knight Quest Minecraft mod from Curseforge.

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