A Minecraft player has invented self-mining TNT

Tunneling in Minecraft can be a pain. Thankfully, someone’s devised a way of automating it, sort of. A new data pack lets you create TNT that will blow a hole in whatever direction you’d like, just be careful where you point it.

The modder jpdude98 posted a video of his wily invention, showcasing its explosive capabilities. First, you set down a normal TNT, then attach a sticky piston on whatever side you want it go, then add a whole bunch more TNT, and when it explodes, it’ll carry on exploding for however many other TNTs you put in, carving a massive hole in its wake.

The technique isn’t exactly graceful, and once you set it off, that is it, though the pack includes a charm for protecting items from your path of fire. It’s very effective for reaching underground layers quickly, or going through a mountain, rather than around or over. What’s even cooler is you can use it to fast-travel too, combining a saddle and a Blast Protection 4 book to sit on the TNT as it makes its journey. Taking the scenic route, well and truly.

See for yourself:

You can download the data pack here. Pair it up with this other mod that turns loads of Minecraft’s items into time bombs, and you’re in for a whale of a time.

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