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Minecraft mod gives us underground rivers with this datapack

The Minecraft underground has had a few key updates to keep digging in this sandbox game fun, but now a Minecraft mod gives us underground rivers and waterways

The Minecraft Underground Rivers datapack shows off stunning underground rivers surrounded by rocks, this image also has Steve on it.

A Minecraft mod is giving underground caverns the rivers they deserve with a new datapack. The Minecraft underground has been the focus of plenty of updates over the last few years. The sandbox game has seen some big changes to the areas below the surface, but none, not even the latest update, have added functional underground rivers yet.

If there’s one thing you can always rely on though, it’s the commitment of the Minecraft community to take matters into their own hands. It’s one of the reasons Minecraft mods range from everything as complex as Breath of the Wild abilities to something as simple as expanding how far you can see. So naturally, someone has taken it upon themselves to make a beautiful datapack to add in underground rivers.

The Minecraft Underground River datapack shows off beautiful weaving waterways beneath vines and surrounded by rocks.

Apollowomc put a post up on Reddit showing off a boat going underground on a river. While sometimes there’s a little jank in these datapacks, the generation looks absolutely beautiful – with vines hanging from the ceiling, lily pads dotted around on the surface, and even aquatic life swimming around underneath the boat. It’s an incredibly pretty datapack, and one that’s still being worked on too.

You can download the data pack from PlanetMinecraft.com, but just keep in mind that it’s a tech demo as it stands. That means it’s not going to work alongside other world generation packs, at least for now, and there will likely be updates here and there for it going forwards. Still, though, if what you want is winding rivers underground, then this is the perfect excuse to create a new world and start sailing around.

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