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Minecraft mod YouTuber adds cluster TNT and chicken hats

The Minecraft mod scene on YouTube is becoming increasingly hectic and chaotic and it's only a matter of time until the sandbox game is modded to explode

Minecraft mod by YouTuber brings TNT to sandbox building game. This image shows a Minecraft landscape with Snake in a chicken hat.

A good Minecraft mod can change the game entirely. While the list of the best Minecraft mods could easily change daily, seeing unique ones shown off on YouTube is rapidly becoming its own genre of content, and we’re here for it.

Whether you want to watch people tormented in Minecraft Tetris or Minecraft Pac-Man, the coding-imbued YouTubers have you covered. There are loads of videos out there, and that’s why we can find things like Minecraft Breath of the Wild mods for you to try.

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Today, Fundy is showing off a video where they made Minecraft “Satisfying.” That’s going to mean different things to different people, but for Fundy, it means making circles of explosions, a bucket that can empty a river, and putting a chicken on your head. See, different things to different people.

The video kicks off with the cluster TNT. Rather than having the follow-up TNT scattering all around, Fundy codes it so that the explosives go out in a huge circle. This results in wonderful doughnut-shaped craters whenever a TNT goes off, and it feels like someone massaging your brain. That’s definitely satisfying.

The bucket is also wonderful, because the water disappears block by block away from wherever it was used in what looks like an anti-tidal wave. We’re not sure it’s good for the environment, but it’s definitely an impressive thing to watch.

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