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Mojang shows off the best of its Minecraft scariest screenshot competition


I’m a sucker for anything the Minecraft community does and, if I’m honest, I sometimes find myself more excited by what they’ve been up to than what Mojang themselves have been doing. Then again, I don’t think I’d be wrong to say Mojang are pretty enthusiastic about their fans, too, giving them any excuse to let loose. While Hallowe’en’s now long past, the Minecraft community are still making the most of the Pretty Scary Update and today Mojang announced the winner of their seasonal scariest screenshot competition, which included entries like the one above. Click through to see the most excellent winner and for a link back to the rest.

Here it is, courtesy of Stavrakidis Christos:

Not bad at all. For a higher resolution image and the best of the rest, head over to Mojang’s blog.