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Mojang will let you shed your old Minecraft username

Mojang will let you shed your old Minecraft username

Back in 2011 we were very different people, which might be reflected in our choice of Minecraft username. The Occupy movement was in full swing, NASA’s Curiosity rover started its journey to Mars and One Direction’s first album came out – how could we not be affected by these events? 

Perhaps, however, you’ve outgrown the username OccupyHarry. These things happen. Unfortunately, you can’t change your Minecraft username. You’re stuck, living in the past. This is set to change, though, as Mojang continues to mold, polish and faff with 1.8. 

Mojang dev Kristoffer Jelbring teased the oft-requested feature on Twitter today, with a screenshot showing the name change button in the account menu.

On the surface it’s a small feature, but it’s one that people have been hungry for. Online identities can be just as precious as real ones, and when chaps from One Direction are finally revealed to be robotic killing machines from the future, you’ll want the ability to change your name.

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